Using A Snoopy SVG or Snoopy SVG File For Cricut In Your Website

Using A Snoopy SVG or Snoopy SVG File For Cricut In Your Website

SVG file formats are slowly coming into the field of graphic design to make an introduction. It was not commonly used by many graphic and web designers because PNG and JPEG file formats are easily accessible. SVG formats are usually created or converted, so the thing is, other file formats are preferred because of convenience. But carefully thinking about it, if you plan on putting up a website with your favourite character on it, you would definitely choose an image quality that will not let your website reputation go down. Most file images of the character Snoopy online are in PNG or JPEG format, but you can rarely find a Snoopy SVG version of it, much more, a Snoopy SVG file for Cricut.

       But what really is a Cricut design? To simply put it, an SVG file for Cricut is a file designed with mathematical precision that can work perfectly with a Cricut or any cutting machines because, for instance, if you print out a Snoopy SVG file for a Cricut image and have plans on utilizing it for commercial purposes, you will surely have to cut it. Using a Cricut can be tricky if the image you¡¦re cutting is blurred out and has no defined lines or curves. But with an SVG file, since it¡¦s precise and clear, it works perfectly with a Cricut machine.

How to Use it?

       You might think that the SVG file format is challenging to use, but it is actually not. Inserting an SVG file onto your website is easy because all you need to do is to take its code and paste it within an HTML document indicating the page or location where you want your image to be seen. SVG file format can be quite troublesome if the visitors in a site use browsers that do not support SVG file formats. If this event happens, you can always opt for choices like downloading plugins that can support SVG file format so you can have access to seeing these images.

Ways In Using SVG File

       There are two ways in which you can use SVG file format on your website:

1. You can use it as a .svg file

       Just like PNG and JPEG file formats, you can display SVG file by typing in <img> tag or as a background in CSS.

2. By using SVG Code

       This might be overwhelming to people unfamiliar with it, but the code inside the SVG files can be copied and pasted on an HTML document.