Join The Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest

Join The Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest

Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest is a series of NDA closed tests during which select participants have access to game content.

Madden NFL 22 is just a few weeks away. It was revealed on June 17th when fans had the chance to learn more about the 2021 EA SPORTS Madden installment. Some of the most popular modes such as The Yard and Franchise are getting updates. New features are coming as well. Madden NFL 22 is already available for purchase. More info about the game will be released in the upcoming weeks. Interested players can take part in the Community PlayTest.

What Is Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest

The Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest is the testing phase that happens before the game is released. This is different from internal testing. As the name suggests, the Community PlayTest allows fans to play the game. Select participants have the opportunity to discover the new features. This is a closed test that means that only those who get picked can access it. The point of these tests is to see how the game performs and how the players feel about it. The development team gathers feedback from the participants. This is how bugs are identified and fixed. Players can also express their opinion about game features. The interaction between testers and developers is important. Participants are encouraged to give as much feedback as they can and to report any issue. Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest opens some parts of the game. Not all the game modes and features are available. The first phase of the PlayTest gives access to Play Now, MUT 22, and Franchise modes. Franchise is one of the activities that are getting special attention this year. Madden NFL 22 has an overhauled Franchise mode. For MUT 22, testers will be able to play squads, solo battles, strategy cards, and the weekend league. Starting with week two, participants will have access to The Yard and Superstar KO as well. An important thing to know about the Community PlayTest is that participants will need to enter an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This means that testers cannot record gameplay, take screenshots, stream, or talk about the game publicly. Those who violate this agreement lose access to the PlayTest and, in some cases, have their EA accounts banned. The PlayTest is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players will need to redeem a code in order to install and play the PlayTest. The NDA will probably be lifted and we will get to know more about the game soon.

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