Funniest Comedy Movies That Will Delight Every Telugu Person.

Funniest Comedy Movies That Will Delight Every Telugu Person.

Streaming sites have made the process of watch movies online easier. The large variety leaves you confused on which to play to evoke laughter and make your movie night a success.

To help you choose better, here are two Telugu Comedy films that are a must-watch.


Written and directed by UdayGurrala, Mail is a 2021 Telugu comedy entertainment movie starring Priyadarshi, HarshitMalgireddy, GouriPriya Reddy, and Mani Aegurela in lead roles. The music is composed by SweekarAgasthi, whereas UdayGurrala and ShyamDupati did the cinematography. The 116-minute runner is the first installment of the KambalapallyKathalu series.


 Mail is an indie-spirited movie that centers on region-specific ethos. Set in the early 2000s, it depicts the everyday lives of the people living in Kambalapally Village cinematically, delivering a typical ‘Middle-Class Melody.’

  Mail is the story of Hybath, a small-time photographer who brings to his village for the first time a computer. Attracting the curiosity of the Youth living in the village, Ravi, the super curious boy, creates an Email Id for himself.

The story takes shape from Ravi getting a fake email to win a hefty lottery sum in his inbox. Unfolding from thereon, Mail shows how people can use any tool to impose authority or, worse, take advantage of the naive.

 Mail delivers a nostalgic story with strong comic deliveries. The comedy generated through the computer is handled well and would evoke laughter.

Priyadarshi’s character (Hybath) plays a small but important role. With his subtle comedy, fun expressions, and strong comedy deliveries, the film is a must Telugu new movies watch if you enjoy comedy-dramas.

 Bell Bottom.

Written and directed by Jaytheertha, Bell Bottom is a 2019 Kannada crime comedy film set in the 1980s. The film stars Rishabh Shetty and Haripriya in lead roles. The music is composed by B. AjaneeshLokenath and is edited by K.M Prakash. The 130-minute runner is packed with drama, comedy, and action and became one of the highest-grossing films of 2019.


The main lead, “Detective Diwakar” is a police constable by profession. Growing up, he was always fascinated by Detective themed movies and novels but couldn’t pursue his passion for his father’s oppression. In his heart, he imagines himself to be a Detective.

After gaining local popularity for solving a murder mystery, Dibakar finds himself solving a robbery in the local police station. As the case unfolds, it shows the real Detective Diwakar and thereon forms the entire plot.

 Bell Bottom is a rollercoaster ride of Dibakar’s journey and his quirky way of dealing with crimes, seen through a retro frame. Its pun-filled dialogues and entertainment would make you laugh hard. Packed with comedy and emotions, Bell Bottom also touches on the genre of a Crime-thriller with an exquisite 80s touch. The music, cinematography, and entertainment make Bell Bottom a must-watch.

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